Change your job with confidence On-line training course

Change your job with confidence On-line training course

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Our on-line training courses are unique in they coach you through a series of activities, ensuring that each individual gets what they need from the experience. In addition, there is a follow-up one to one coaching session to discuss your progress on completion of the programme.

Change your job with confidence.

This is a 10 hour on-line course to help you gain the confidence and insight into your career path. It coaches you through a series of activities to help you gain clarity and direction and gives you the confidence to change your job or find the ideal job for you. The course finishes with a 1/2 hour coaching session via Zoom with an experienced career coach.  

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Course content:

Unit 1. Confidence development

Unit 2. What ius your ideal job?

Unit 3. Where are your gaps?

Unit 4. Plan your own development

Unit 5. Review progress with a coach

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