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Help and support to transform skills and confidence to make work more rewarding

Why choose JM Coaching

1. Our coaching and training is geared to all things work and tailored to suit your specific individual needs or the goals of the organisation.

2. Our speciality is the development of soft skills and improving confidence in managers and leaders.

3. The flexible and relaxed approach to solving your problems is proven to achieve results.

This is what some of our clients have said:
'Coaching has helped me believe in myself again'.
'Learning about myself has helped me deal with situations and people better'.
'Coaching has helped me to focus on tasks and think through problems'.
'Coaching has helped me to concentrate on the aspects of the job that I can influence and stop stressing about the things I can't change'.

Why invest in coaching and training


As an individual the right coaching and training can make work more rewarding and accelerate your career.

Clients have identified that the following skills have improved:
* Confidence
* Self-reliance
* Management skills
* Communication
* Working with peers and line manager
* Team-working 


Benefits to the organisation include:
1. Increased employee engagement – they feel invested in and are more motivated and productive
2. Improved talent development – aids succession planning and unlocks potential
3. Increased communication – development of softer ‘human’ skills
4. Stronger relationships – employees less likely to leave due to ‘poor management’
5. Improved organisational commitment – the organisation has invested in their career development so are more loyal and more likely to stay.

Who is JM Coaching?

Hello, My name is Jacky Matthews, I am an experienced teacher, trainer and senior manager, having been in the Education sector for over 20 years. I trained as a coach in 2006 and have used these skills every day since in my middle and senior management roles. I initially coached my peers to improve performance in the classroom and then individual team members and then managers in my Departments. I have also trained managers to coach their teams and trained lesson observation staff to feedback on performance using coaching techniques to reduce complaints. I have carried out many hours of coaching friends and colleagues to help deal with specific problems at work. It was one of my friends that had a really difficult situation at work that once resolved, questioned why I wasn't coaching as a full time job. So here I am, hoping to help you achieve your goals, improve performance at work and reduce work related stress. Hope to see you soon Jacky


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